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Welcome to Land Of Seven Rivers! We would love to have you join our growing community in Bandcamp. We are producing more music, more soundscapes, more books and we don’t want you to miss out.

This is the best way we know to make sure that you have access to the goings on at Land Of Seven Rivers. When you subscribe to our community you will have instant access to our entire back catalogue and any future releases. If you have the Bandcamp app on your phone, the latest release will simply appear without you having to download anything at all!

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Land Of Seven Rivers
Melbourne, Australia
Land Of Seven Rivers is a community that champions the arts in all forms. We recognise that art is found and expressed in people in as many ways as there are personalities, with each giving us a glimpse into the artistic heart of God.

Andee Sellman is the founder of Land Of Seven Rivers and one of the significant songwriters for this genre of music based on the sounds of nature.

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